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    A Month in Search: June 2019

    Verve Team Julian Smout Managing Director Written By Julian - Managing Director at Verve
    Search News Search News

    This month we have been working flat out on new website launches and new Google Ad campaigns for various clients, as always it is all hands on deck here at Verve! However, we have still managed to rustle up some snippets from the SEO world so we hope that you enjoy reading the latest from the land of search!


    Google’s Core Update

    So let’s address this first. Google has recently rolled out it’s new Core Update and it took five days to do it. But why should we care? Well.. when Google rolls out these more substantial updates, having the knowledge of when the update started and ended is extremely useful for tracking traffic increases and decreases within analytics. The timeline of the update can help us understand if a certain  website got effected by an algorithm update, a technical issue, or any other issue that might be completely unrelated.

    If there are multiple updates being carried out within the same time period then this can make our job harder to analyse any issues that may arise. But it isn’t impossible and as great SEO’s that’s where we welcome the challenge.

    Why not read our latest blog? The importance of SEO!


    Google Changes the Way it Thinks

    Google is becoming more and more portal and less and less SEO! This is having a big impact on the user journey for people using google to search and in turn will ultimately have an even bigger impact for pretty much every company. However, there are some plans that you can put into place for your SEOs to jump on!


    Build Your SEO Team

    Ensure you have a competent team of SEO professionals in your team and advise everyone else in the team about the importance of SEO. Educate them! Don’t forget there are always talented agencies that can assist you with your SEO needs (we like to think we are one of them).


    Ensure that you are Creating Quality Content

    Bloggers, social media managers, copywriters and anyone else who is creating content for your website need to be writing authoritative and comprehensive pieces that are good enough to stand a chance organically against the vast amount of content that there is floating around the web.

    Authors need to understand that there is a lot they need to become skilled at such as SEO-friendly JavaScript, schema and rich snippets. It is vital to regularly review copy to provide quality for Google.


    Schema and JavaScript for SEO

    Developers need to be adding schema on to your site correctly which will help crawlers understand your content correctly and this will increase the chances that the content gets featured as a snippet.

    There are also plenty of other actions which you can take to keep up with Google SERPs but we don’t want to go on! If you want more advice or want to increase your SEO productivity then get in touch to see how we can help!


    Links and Title Tags STILL Matter to Rankings

    Apparently, in 2019, links and title tags still matter to achieving a good place in Google’s search. It is important to let non-seos know that these tags (which they may feel lack real importance) are still vital to good SEO.


    Google has now announced the new features that are available! Read all about them below:

    Seasonality adjustments

    If you have a sale or promotion on the horizon you can now use these adjustments to give a signal to Google’s Smart Bidding system to prep more effectively!


    More in-market audience segments

    New segments in categories are now available such as beauty, sports, education and real estate! Exciting stuff!


    Calls for Local Campaigns

    This feature launched last year. It is one of Google’s automated campaign formats which is aimed specifically at increasing traffic to physical locations. Soon we will be able to drive calls to business locations!


    Group Locations for Local Campaign Messaging

    We can now set up location groups, or subsets of locations to tailor budgets and messaging to specific places focused on in-store promotions!


    Asset reporting for Local Campaigns

    This enables you to be able to see how the creative elements of your campaigns (ad headlines, descriptions, images) are performing. But only labeled as ‘Best’ or ‘Good’.


    Promotions in LIAs

    Local Inventory Ads now have promotions available. This is the Shopping ads that show products available in stores located close to the searcher. They can be used to highlight special offers or promotions.


    The world of search is rapidly changing and we will endeavour to continue to bring you the latest and most interesting updates from the world of search. That’s all for this month! We will catch up in August!