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    Amazon pay comes to Magento

    Verve Team edward Fellows Digital Design Executive Written By Edward - Digital Design Executive at Verve
    amazon pay logo and magento logo amazon pay logo and magento logo

    It’s more important than ever to streamline the payment experience — and Magento has teamed up with Amazon Pay to enable customers to pay using the credentials already stored in their Amazon account, so Magento 1 & 2 merchants can easily incorporate Amazon Pay into their site, reduce friction at checkout, and reach millions of Amazon customers.

    Amazon Pay makes it simple for its customers around the world to check-in and check-out using the information already stored within their Amazon account – bank details and delivery addresses. This secure and trusted payment method has grown in popularity over the last few years and should not be under estimated, as it has shown to be very quick and easy to use and as a result has dramatically raised click through rates and increase sales.


    Benefits for Merchants


    Customer experience

    When a customer sees a product they would like to purchase, they simply click the Amazon pay button – log in using their Amazon account credentials and the order is placed – it’s as simple as that!

    Customer journey – step by step

    1. Choose a product
    2. Click ‘Pay with Amazon’
    3. Once clicked they are taken to a pop-up Amazon sign box
    4. Sign in with there Amazon – Email & Password login details
    5. Choose Payment method *
    6. Check product details *
    7. Choose there delivery address *
    8. Click place order

    *Indicated – these will be the default details if Amazon customers have used Amazon pay in the past.


    Benefits for your Customers

    No brainer right? If you like the sound of this simple yet effective payment method from Amazon Pay and you would like to add this functionality to your Magento eCommerce site, then rest assured, here at Verve we can install this extension for you, with no down time to your site whilst it is being set-up and tested.

    If you like the sound of the benefits of a one-click payment system but alternatively if do not want to link Amazon Pay accounts , there is an alternative called the Magento “One Click Checkout” which can offer a similar customer payment experience. Read more here – One Click CheckOut

    If you require further technical advice contact us here at Verve on (01743 360 000) and talk to one of our developers who will answer any of your questions.