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    Gutenberg: The New Media Rich Editor from WordPress

    Verve Team Mark Hambley Technical Director Written By Mark - Technical Director at Verve

    An Introduction To The WordPress Gutenberg Editor

    Gutenberg is the name given to the new media-rich editor for WordPress, set to replace the classic editor most WordPress website administrators will be familiar with. The WordPress project, given the name after German inventor and printer Johannes Gutenberg, was born out a goal to transform the WordPress editor into one that makes it easy to create media-rich posts.

    At the core of the Gutenberg editor lies the concept of blocks. Blocks contain elements that we are already familiar with and add regularly through the WordPress editor, such as images, links, quotes, multimedia. These ‘blocks’ can now be easily dragged into content and moved around, and the collection has been extended further with call to action buttons, cover images and the ability to add ‘columns’ to your content.

    Blocks will assist non-development savvy website owners in styling their own content without the need to know HTML coding and improve the user experience of their web pages.


    Wordpress Gutenberg Blocks


    What Does Gutenberg Look Like?

    The Gutenberg editor has a very simplified interface, hiding all of its ‘power’ elements under a + icon menu. For those content editors who want to simply write a title, their story and add an image, these can be done without having to access any of the block elements.


    wordpress gutenberg editor



    The real source is housed with the menu in the top left-hand corner (+ icon). This is where all of the block elements are stored. From here you can search and select a block element of your choice and easily add it your page and because these elements are housed within blocks they can be easily moved around the page in a drag and drop fashion.

    Wordpress Gutenberg


    Want to a have a play? Try out the New Gutenberg Editor here in the WordPress demo.


    The Benefits And Features Of Gutenberg

    Ultimately the biggest benefit of Gutenberg is giving more control and flexibility to website owners who want to style their own content and improve the website users experience.


    Where Is Gutenberg Available From?

    The Gutenberg Editor plugin can be downloaded from WordPress.org and the direct link can be found below.



    When Is It Available?

    Gutenberg is available now as a free plugin, however from the next WordPress release, WordPress 5.0 in November 2018, the Gutenberg Editor will be present as default, replacing the classic editor in WordPress.

    The classic editor will be available as a plugin for those wishing to revert back.


    Why Do I Need Gutenberg?

    True, for some WordPress website administrators, Gutenberg may not be a necessity. Gutenberg is aimed at the more active WordPress website owners who manage their own website content and want more flexibility when it comes to the styling of their content – and it is those who will benefit most from its host of new features.


    Promoting Your New Content

    If you are familiar with your WordPress website and know how to add plugins, then adding the Gutenberg Editor now won’t be difficult and even for the less savvy, there are lots of easy to follow guides online that will demonstrate adding a new plugin to your site.

    Styling your content is one task in a plethora of jobs that serious website administrators undertake, however the creation of content and the marketing of said content, to put your story in front of your audience, share equally important roles in the success of your website.

    Verve are experts in strategising for Digital Marketing campaigns and specialise in Copy Writing and Content Marketing Services. To find out more information about these services and how Verve can help increase the efficiency and return on investment of your Content Marketing campaigns call 01743 360000 or send us an enquiry here.