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Bioethanol Fires have been a client of Verve for a number of years now, and this is the second site we have built for the company. We have managed their Digital Marketing, including their PPC and SEO. We have worked to improve their ads account considerably, staying ahead of the curve and implementing the latest trends to suit the account.

Alongside this we pushed the sites on-page and off-page SEO but it became clear that a new, updated site was needed to promote the premium products that Bioethanol offer.

Originally Verve built a Magento 1 site, but with Magento 1 end of life we discussed the business requirements and having worked with them for so long it was decided that WordPress WooCommerce would be the best option to suit their needs.
Verve Our Work Portfolio Bioethanol Fires Website Pages

After research and advice from us the client settled on a WooCommerce Online Store, giving the business the option to push product enquiries and successfully display the vivid product range in a fresh and enticing way. The products speak for themselves and with some impressive imagery the site itself is visually dramatic.

Verve Our Work Portfolio Mobile With Bioethanol Fires Website

The site allows customers to browse by fires, outdoor range and brands. The company is highly rated for its expert advice and unbeatable knowledge meaning you can get in touch for entirely bespoke solutions. You can view the fires individually and discover all the specifications about each model, then add multiple choices to your enquiry list.

With such a premium product it was essential that customers had all the information at the tips of their fingers and allowed them to easily select which products they would like to find out more about.

Verve Our Work Portfolio Bioethanol Fires Website Home Page
Verve Our Work Portfolio Bioethanol Fires Website Home Page

We created bespoke functionality for the site, based on the clients specific requests to ensure that there was the ability to mix the products and categories as well as complex shipping rules.

Verve will continue to manage Bioethanol Fires Digital Marketing, pushing the new site using targeted AdWords and working continuously on their SEO to ensure the site performs and exceeds expectations.

You can check out the site here.

“We worked alongside the client to create a stunning site with bespoke functionality and effective design. The outcome was a site that looks fantastic and meets high expectations from both Bioethanol Fires and the consumer.”
Mark Hambley - Technical Director at Verve
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