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Woods Of Shropshire

Growth and optimisation of Google Shopping to increase revenue and reduce cost to improve return on investment

Increasing ROI for Woods Of Shropshire

Woods Of Shropshire is an online retailer of quality men’s clothing, stocking garments from well-known brand outfitters. Regular user experience audits performed by Verve help to constantly evolve the Woods Of Shropshire website to maximize sales conversion rates and the optimisation and improvements made to the Woods Google Shopping account have seen a dramatic decrease in Cost Per Sale and an increase in Return On Investment. Established in 2002, the already successful online store contacted Verve in April 2017 to assist with the development of their existing Magento store to further enhance user experience and digital marketing to help increase their return on investment from Google Shopping.

“Unlike other agencies we have worked with, Verve offers a very personalised approach to our digital marketing needs, meaning that they have been able to tailor our campaigns to target potential customers effectively and to do so within a budget.”
Charles Woods, Woods Of Shropshire
black line graph with an upward trend displaying text '+69.18% increase on investment (roi)
Cost Per Sale
Return On investment

Since April 2017, Verve has worked closely with the Woods Of Shropshire team further developing existing functionality and adding new functionality to improve the overall user experience and efficiency of their customer journey.

Taking Google Shopping performance for the last 6 months (March 18- Oct 17) and comparing it with the same period the year previous (March 17-Oct 16), Verve has lowered Cost Per Sale by 37.03% and increased Return On Investment (sale value/cost) by 69.18%.

“If we could do it better ourselves then that’s what we’d be doing! We just think they can do it better and have achieved an impressive ROI to date in return.”
Charles Woods - Woods Of Shropshire
mens shoes with orange socks