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    Email Marketing
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    Email marketing is the cheapest and most effective way to communicate with your customers.

    Email marketing is the cornerstone of any omnichannel digital marketing strategy, and utterly crucial for long-term growth. Once you have customers on your list, they are the cheapest and easiest source of revenue. Building a big newsletter database creates a safety net for your business, but it also opens up huge opportunities.

    Most companies send an email campaign once or twice a month, and that’s it. This is the equivalent of buying a Ferrari and not getting out of gear one…


    “I have been involved in the launch of numerous websites and the quality of this build is second to none; I would have no concerns about using Verve for any future projects or indeed recommending them to any other businesses that are looking to grow.”

    Chris Nangle | Chris Nangle Furniture

    “We have worked with Verve for nearly 10 years and found their approach to our work to be of an exceptionally high standard. They understood what we needed and delivered it to an incredibly professional finish. Their team has been great, and we highly recommend their work to others.”

    Charlotte Downs CEO | Fastco

    “Verve took the time to understand the unique aspects of our brand & have created a beautiful, sleek website that is fully functional. I would highly recommend them!”

    Becky Knight | Target Feeds

    Automation has revolutionised email marketing. We can help you to build automated flows which send pre-built yet dynamic emails to customers at specific times. This makes the emails relevant, as they will be related to their trigger. The relevance, personalisation and efficiency of automated emails gives your email a much better chance of being opened, clicked on and also of converting.


    Email marketing is all about data now. We can split your newsletter list based on demographics, actions or predicted actions, and use this to create defined segments. Once again, this allows you to send targeted, relevant emails. Furthermore, segments allow you to track your customer lifetime value, find your VIP customers and stop your sunset customers from disappearing. 


    Email marketing is a crucial platform to build and strengthen your brand. We have a team of expert graphic designers who can help to design and build email templates that are on-brand and visually striking. These templates are easy-to-use and are an empowering, time-saving tool for your business.

    Verve Digital Marketing Email Marketing person using a mobile phone

    Boost your digital marketing with a data-driven email strategy. We are Klaviyo partners and can help you to build a bespoke, impactful approach.