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    A complete commerce platform that will allow you to start, grow, and manage your business online.

    Tried & Tested

    Using tried, tested & innovative techniques, we build sites that get results. We are a passionate bunch and we strive for perfection and excellence. We work alongside you to push your business forward, achieving your targets and maximising your ROI.

    Shopify Agency

    Our eCommerce websites are user-centred with clear user journeys and conversion paths. Whether you want a complete redesign or to simply improve your current site, Verve can help you achieve this. Shopify has an easy process for adding third parties as users and collaborators, such as Shopify Partners. Verve is now a Shopify Partner, which makes it easy for us to jump on any problems.

    Verve eCommerce Shopify Two People Working On A Mobile Design

    Shopify is a shopping cart eCommerce solution. It allows you access to your admin panel where you can enter your shop data, add or delete products, and process orders. In addition, you’ll be able to choose from a wide selection of design templates.

    We then design and develop your Shopify site to suit your business needs. Working closely with us we can create you something bespoke and exceptional.

    “Everest Shed’s Shopify website is a game-changer for us having used Magento for other sites we have done in the past. We found the seamless integration with Shopify’s tools ensures ease of use, smooth transactions, inventory management, and a delightful shopping experience on any device. Verve’s professionalism, promptness, and attention to detail were exceptional. Since launch, we’ve seen increased sales, customer satisfaction, and brand credibility. We highly recommend their services to anyone seeking an e-commerce platform”

    James Owen | Everest Sheds

    “I couldn’t be happier with my new website from Verve. We have used a number of agencies in the past and none of them have come close to providing the level of service that I received from Verve.”

    Mike Cummings | Simply Baby

    “Verve took the time to understand the unique aspects of our brand & have created a beautiful, sleek website that is fully functional. I would highly recommend them!”

    Becky Knight | Target Feeds
    Tailored Support

    We provide tailored support packages for your Shopify site. Ensuring that it is protected against attacks and hacks and is kept up to date with the latest platform updates that are released and enabling you to contact us with any issues you may have.

    Payment Gateways

    We are highly experienced in providing Shopify integration for all the leading payment gateways including  Paypal, Worldpay and Amazon. We work alongside you to set up a seamless payment gateway that will suit your business needs.


    Inventory Management

    With experience in providing support for several large accountancy and CRM solutions we have a vast experience to offer integrated solutions for inventory management

    Verve eCommerce Shopify Web Designers Prototyping a Website Design
    Clean Mobile Interface
    Helping customers navigate your site easily to find what they want
    Clean Backend Interface
    Helping you to make changes and update your site with ease
    Shopify promises to help keep your site safe and secure
    Over 160 free and paid themes to choose from to create a unique online shop
    Mobile Ready
    All themes are mobile responsive & the platform has a built-in mobile shopping cart
    Powerful SEO features that will help your website rank higher in search results

    Let us create something bespoke and beautiful for your business using Shopify.

    Shopify allows you to sell anywhere your customers may be online and you can easily accept payments, using a third party payment gateway. The simple online platform allows you to run an online store, including eCommerce website, blog and checkout, and can be linked easily with your emails.

    Additionally Shopify offers an app store where you can choose apps to add to your functionality, including dynamic images, complex shipping options and Google integrations.

    “We are looking forward to continuing to work with Verve on the next stage of the project and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to other businesses embarking on such an important venture”

    Carl Harper | AO Collects

    “From the outset, we’ve found their approach to our work to be of a particularly high standard. They understood the brief exactly and have delivered it to an incredibly professional finish. Their team has been a joy to work with and we highly recommend their work to others.”

    Patrick Dixon | TG Group

    We have worked with Verve for nearly 10 years and found their approach to our work to be of an exceptionally high standard. They understood what we needed and delivered it to an incredibly professional finish. Their team has been great, and we highly recommend their work to others.

    Charlotte Downs | Fastco