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Our experienced team has been put together with care, enabling us to find and achieve the best solutions to meet our clients needs, whether it be brand, product or service related. We are a growing team, and are always on the look out for new talent, so if you are interested in joining us - please contact us now
  1. Julian Smout
    Julian Smout
    Managing Director
    Julian is our Managing Director and founder. Originally a Graphic Designer from a print background Julian has developed a fascination with Websites and the marketing of them. He is passionate about our planet and loves to explore it as much as possible. Recently locally!
  2. Mark Hambley
    Mark Hambley
    Technical Director
    Mark is the Technical Director here at Verve and oversees all aspects of the Technical side of the business. Mark has over 12 years experience of Magento (and is Magento Certified) and nearly 20 years experience in website development. His passion and experience for web development combined make him a true asset to the team. In his spare time he enjoys time spent with his family and supporting local business in Shropshire.
  3. Plámen Evtímov
    Plámen Evtímov
    Frontend Developer
    Experienced Front-end Developer with a true passion for making great ideas come true. With 16+ years of web design and development background, Plámen brings strong skills in problem-solving with meticulous attention to detail. He likes exploring new places, music and various outdoor activities.
  4. Chris Morrison
    Chris Morrison
    Backend Developer
    Chris is an experienced back-end developer with a dedicated work ethic and a wealth of knowledge. He sees projects through from start to finish and works closely with the whole team. In his spare time he enjoys walking and exploring with his dog Jake.
  5. Emma Clarke
    Emma Clarke
    Office Manager
    Emma oversees all our admin, accounts and supplies the team with anything they may need. She is meticulous in her organisation skills and supports the management team from day to day. In her spare time she enjoys spending time with family and friends.
  6. Sarai Gil
    Sarai Gil
    Lead Designer
    Sarai is our Lead Designer, with an eCommerce background. She specialises in creating bespoke and impressive designs with conversion in mind. Additionally she manages some of our web design projects and ensures a seamless process for our clients. She enjoys picnics around the Shropshire countryside with her family.
  7. Ed Fellows
    Ed Fellows
    Digital Marketing Executive
    Edward is one of our online experts, who has developed an excellent working understanding of all things digital, with a wealth of knowledge for optimising websites for modern day online requirements. In his spare time, Edward likes to try and keep fit and enjoys being out in our beautiful Shropshire countryside.
  8. Holly Doyle-Wilday
    Holly Doyle-Wilday
    Digital Marketing Manager
    Holly is our Digital Marketing Manager and a keen wordsmith. She works closely with all members of the team and has a wide variety of knowledge in marketing. She additionally manages projects and builds close working relationships. She has been passionate about the world we live in for many years, actively seeking to look after it. She loves nothing more than to be out and about with her pack of dogs.
  9. Tom Reynolds
    Tom Reynolds
    Junior Developer
    Tom is amongst the newest additions to our team of developers and, with his eye for detail, is always expanding his repertoire; from user experience to the technical depths of code. Tom also does his bit for the environment habitually and when not working can be found exploring nature, or at a gig.
  10. Igor Kalaciov
    Igor Kalaciov
    Apprentice Developer
    Igor is our newest team member, joining us as an apprentice developer. He has a keen interest in web development and applies his skills to all that he learns. His enthusiasm for technology stems from his love of PC gaming and on his days off you'll find him spending time with his family and cheering on his favourite football team.
  11. Rachel Brown
    Rachel Brown
    Project Coordinator
    Rachel is Verve’s newest team member, with a background in planning and delivering complex projects. She works closely with clients and the team to ensure projects flow smoothly from briefing to go live - and beyond. In her spare time, Rachel can be found exploring the countryside with her young family.
  12. Tom Hunt
    Tom Hunt
    Consultant Strategist
    Tom is Verve’s Strategy consultant. He is helping us & our clients achieve their full potential. He helps to determine where businesses should be and then plans how they can achieve this. In his spare time he enjoys exploring the countryside with his family.
  13. Kate Adney
    Kate Adney
    Kate has been working in copywriting for many years and after completing many different projects she adapts her tone to suit the nature of the job. She is skilled at grabbing the target audience's attention with innovative ideas. In her spare time Kate loves being outside horse riding.
  14. Ognyan Petrov
    Ognyan Petrov
    Ognyan is a very experienced and versatile developer. He is highly proficient in producing exceptional Magento websites. His speciality is complexity! In his spare time he enjoys watching movies and delving into a good book.
  15. Neil Hambley
    Neil Hambley
    Strategic Marketing
    Neil has many years of experience in strategic marketing. He is happiest when ploughing through data and then using that data to devise marketing plans that in turn help to produce conversions on our websites. When not surrounded by spreadsheets he enjoys long walks outdoors.
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