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The Benefits of WooCommerce

Mark Hambley, Technical Director at Verve Written By Mark - Technical Director at Verve
woo-commerce logo woo-commerce logo

Full of Features

WooCommerce is feature rich, starting with everything you need for setting up your online store. It works quickly and efficiently with the basic features but extra can be added in if needed. The main features include; built in blogging, tags and attributes, product ratings and reviews, product sorting and filtering and location customisation.


WooCommerce is one of the safest platforms you can use, they work alongside security experts to ensure hacking risks are minimised. As long as you keep your WooCommerce updated then your website poses very little risk to becoming open to attack.

BioethanolFires site on a laptop BioethanolFires site on a laptop
The Style Coaching Institute website on a laptop and iMac computer The Style Coaching Institute website on a laptop and iMac computer


WooCommerce has a huge range of extensions available to fit in with your specific needs, from analytics to marketing, to payment and shipping. They all come within a fairly affordable budget and can be used to expand your website’s functionality so that it best suits your business requirements.


WooCommerce is incredibly SEO friendly, it runs on one of the most well established platforms and can adapt perfectly to fit in with Google SEO guidelines. The platform already comes ready built for SEO but there are also very good third party SEO plugins which you can purchase to fit with your requirements.

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