Verve Team Member Julian Smout Managing Director Written By Julian - Managing Director at Verve
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Verve recently embarked on a new adventure and launched a brand new company, V2GO. We recognised the need for more affordable sites since the rise of start ups over the last year. 

As start ups aren’t really sure of where they are at yet, what their future plans are and don’t have a huge budget they often just need a simple site to test the water with, a bridge site to what may eventually be bigger and better things!


V2GO was created for those who couldn’t afford or did not need bespoke web design. For those start ups that simply need a little help with establishing themselves and creating a presence online. 


We created a new company that could develop template based websites, quick off the mark, within a manageable budget.


The idea is to help new businesses get their brand out there and allow them to have an online platform from which they could conduct marketing activities, share product information and update potential customers.


We wanted to help set businesses apart from the crowd with eye catching design and user friendly functionality. V2GO are committed to creating quality, user friendly websites, with stunning visuals that don’t compromise your business and at a cost that won’t set you back.


Once these start ups have flourished and progressed then Verve are here to take over, to help businesses expand and develop from a simple solution to a more bespoke and capable platform, We want to be with you every step fo the way of your business journey. Start with V2GO and finish with Verve.


What do V2GO do?



By moving your business online you can increase your sales potential by reaching a far wider audience


Creating an online presence will help your business expand and reach people you otherwise may not have done


Increase the number of customers you have and build a larger client base


Being online will enable you to connect with more people and other like minded businesses, build yourself a community.


You’ll be able to effectively communicate your messages through many online channels, letting customers and clients know essential and exciting news.


By creating online content you’;ll be able to captivate your audiences, building a positive and worthy brand.


Why not check it out and see what you think? You could be making the move to online sooner rather than later!