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    We have recertified as a B Corp!

    Shropshire hills with Verve and B Corp logo Shropshire hills with Verve and B Corp logo

    The B corp movement is all about turning business into a force for good, and it never stands still. There are always ways to improve further and to increase the positive impact a business has on its community and the planet. It’s in this spirit that B Corps have to recertify every three years, tracking progress and impact score.

    We are proud to have successfully recertified, and to have improved our impact score to 89! Recertification requires a huge amount of effort, with a plethora of technical questions to answer, and evidence required, but it’s a fantastic way for us to focus on being the best business we can be. We believe our success displays our commitment to ethical, transparent and sustainable business.

    The movement has grown since we first certified in 2021, and there are now a community of 2000 of us in the UK alone. However, there are only three of us in Shropshire: us,  Flooglebinder and Different Dog

    We want to create a much bigger movement in Shropshire; one of the greenest counties in the country. If you want to make your business a force for good and join the growing community, then get in touch as we’d love to answer any questions you may have.