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    Our Welcome Flow Generated Over £10,000 For A Client In The First Two Weeks.

    Verve Team Callum Richardson Digital Marketing Manager Written By Callum Richardson - Digital Marketing Manager at Verve
    Phone with emails coming out of it. Phone with emails coming out of it.

    You are probably already paying for traffic to hit your website, but what if it isn’t quite ready to convert? Cost-per-click marketing means you pay for each user who visits your website and this means that squeezing every bit of value out of a click is vital for your profitability. We have developed a system which will boost conversion rates, increase customer lifetime value and capture vital primary data, thus allowing you to communicate intelligently with said visitor again and again.

    We have just set it live on a clients website and its led to 128 code uses and over £10,000 of revenue within the first two weeks; here’s how:


    Provide That Nudge

    A visitor already has intent, that’s why they are actively browsing a website. However, there is a gap between intent and conversion. A lot of the time a potential customer will want something, but they need to be convinced that its the correct company to buy from, and that now is the time to make that purchase. This is evident in the data, as the average ecommerce conversion rate sits at a surprisingly low 2.5% to 3%. Remember, a lot of this traffic has been paid for, so converting just 1% more gives acquisition based marketing more legs to run and helps the ROAS of paid channels.

    It may seem simple, but there is never a bigger motivator than price, and thus a discount is almost always the most powerful lever you can pull. We recommend having a pop-up that offers new visitors a 10-15 % off their first order, depending on margin. If a potential new customer is looking at the same product on multiple websites, this will make one site stand out, and win that vital first order. Building this pop-up within Klaviyo ensures this pop-up does not show to existing subscribers (unless they are using an incognito tab) and therefore it limits any potential impact on existing customers that are not being offered a discount.


    Give And Take

    This Klaviyo pop-up is called a ‘soft conversion’ and in order to claim the discount they want, a visitor must subscribe to email marketing and enter some crucial data in the process. With this client, we have gone further than just an email and we collect information that helps us to understand the marketing funnel, such as source, and understand customers, such as trade or industry. This means our client can now communicate directly with this new customer via Klaviyo for a far lower cost, and tailor said messaging to the customer by building clever email automations based on the data they inputted.

    Through advanced email segmentation, we can also create audiences dependent on how users have been tagged, how they use the website and how they react to emails. These segments can be used to report and learn about customers, or to target them with highly relevant well-timed emails. You are giving customers a discount and in return they are giving you the means to convert them again and again.


    The Welcome Flow

    Klaviyo allows us to build automations, which send emails to customers who have completed specific triggers. An abandoned cart is one of these, however this strategy is about supercharging welcome flows. Once a customer has submitted their data and subscribed to email marketing through a pop-up they are automatically enrolled in a welcome flow. The first email in this flow should send immediately, and it provides the new subscriber with their discount code. At the same time, you can deliver key messages within this email, build your brand and push people towards certain products or categories. It is a priceless chance to introduce your business, because open rates will always be very high on this email due to customers wanting to get their code.

    Some customers will take their code and purchase; they are then removed from the flow so that you do not risk over-communicating and appearing as spam. Others will not, and a few days later they can automatically receive the next email, which is all about selling the brand story and communicating key USP’s. Furthermore, the customer is reminded of the existence of the company, and their discount code.

    Finally, a few days later you can pull another great lever of influence; urgency. Humans hate missing out, and the fear of a discount code expiring can be very converting. This final email can once again be filtered so that it only goes to those who were not previously converted.


    The Results

    We set this account live two weeks ago, after a full Klaviyo setup that included template-building, abandoned carts and more. Here are the results from our welcome flow:

    New Subscribers: +303

    10% Discount Code Uses: 128

    Revenue Generated: £10,022.64


    We are a Silver Klaviyo Partner and have setup advanced email marketing for a wide variety of clients. On the account above, we delivered a positive ROI on their investment in our setup within 24 hours. If you want us to help take your email marketing to the next level, then get in touch info@verve-design.co.uk