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    How to Boost Magento eCommerce Sales with One Step Checkout

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    How to Boost Magento eCommerce Sales with One Step Checkout


    When it comes to your Magento eCommerce website, there is one single thing that ultimately matters – getting your customer through the checkout and completing the transaction. The checkout, therefore, is the place where you want to focus your attention.



    Magento Checkout – the Default Checkout

    Whilst Magento is an incredibly powerful eCommerce platform that is trusted by millions of businesses worldwide, if there is one area that leaves room for improvement from a customer perspective it is what happens once you click that all-important ‘Proceed to Checkout’ button.
    In the default Magento checkout, once you’ve reached this point you will first be presented with the following screen:


    default magento checkout

    Screenshot: Default Magento Checkout


    Let’s assume that you wish to checkout as a guest. You select the first option and click ‘Continue’.


    So far, so good. But do all of your customers do that? In fact, research indicates that a substantial number of customers become confused at this stage and continue to enter their email address on the right even after choosing guest checkout.


    Once the customer has progressed past this initial screen, they will be greeted by the following:


    default magento checkout


    Screenshot: Default Magento Checkout



    For many customers encountering the generic Magento checkout for the first time, the process appears daunting – a lengthy billing information section, followed by a further four sections to complete. Although in reality the first section is longer than the others, It is natural that the user, at first glance, might expect each to be similar.


    Once each section has been completed, the user moves into the next section. A problem that the user encounters here is that in order to double check the billing details, for example, the user is required to navigate back to that section.



    The One Step Checkout

    So how does the One Step Checkout solve the problems we’ve described above? Apart from trust and security, one of the main things that eCommerce customers want is to be able to do things quickly. Let’s take a look at the One Step Checkout and see how it compares.


    one step checkout

    Screenshot: Magento One Step Checkout



    The difference is immediately obvious – all the information there in front of you on one single, easy to navigate screen.
    From a user perspective, the improvement is vast. Whilst there is no actual difference in the amount of information required from the customer, the way in which the One Stop Checkout is presented makes it feel an awful lot quicker, simpler and friendlier from the outset.



    Why Change to One Step Checkout?

    We’ve established that the One Step Checkout brings everything into a single, user-friendly screen. It looks and feels good, but if the default Magento checkout ultimately serves the same function, why should we invest in changing our checkout?


    Because checkouts are the absolute most important part of a website from a conversions point of view. If your customers are put off by a seemingly complex checkout, there is a high risk of losing them before they have completed the purchase. The default checkout may indeed offer the same functionality, but if it does not deliver the sales, then it is not fulfilling its purpose as effectively as it could.


    With One Stop Checkout, the process is designed with completion in mind, helping you to ensure a smooth and effective process from basket to payment and significantly reducing the likelihood of abandoned baskets. For its relatively low setup cost, One Step Checkout offers a huge opportunity to increase your Magento eCommerce sales and boost revenue.




    At Verve Graphic Design & Marketing, we are experts in Magento eCommerce. Our team of designers and developers know exactly what is needed to help develop, grow and scale your eCommerce business to deliver real results.


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