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    Landreeve Chartered Surveyors

    Web Design and Development
    • Deliverables : Development, Digital Marketing, Design

    Landreeve was founded by Harrison Riddle in 2021 as a specialist consultancy, acting exclusively on behalf of land and property owners. They are a small high-performing team that are growing fast to meet the needs of their clients and due to this growth the need for a new website was clear.

    The company was in need of a fully responsive website with a content management system that would allow them to manage their business easily online. They needed a website that was both easy for their team to navigate, and scalable to grow with the business. This made WordPress the obvious option.

    WordPress hosts over 40% of websites that exist online today and is known for its user friendly interface, flexibility, variety of options for plugins, frequent security updates and built in features for SEO purposes.

    Landreeve opted to use a custom theme that the developers at Verve had previously built. Verve has several custom built themes to choose from which can help to make projects more affordable and therefore more attainable. It is key to choose the theme best suited to your business so that it enables you to achieve exactly what you need from your website.

    Verve’s team created a B2B website that demonstrated responsive design, attractive sliders, and effortless navigation, featuring clear calls to action throughout. The user’s needs were taken into consideration during the design and development process, ensuring that the desktop and mobile menus were easy to use. The bespoke design effectively conveyed a professional brand identity by utilising a meticulously selected colour scheme, refined typography, and a polished layout.

    Verve populated the site with the client’s supplied content, supporting them through the entire process. Content is key to launching a successful online business and for a website to perform well in search engines such as Google and Bing. A website with great content will attract, engage and convert visitors. By creating high quality content that meets the needs of your target audience, you can build trust, improve SEO, and achieve your business goals.

    landreeve.co.uk Website

    The new Landreeve site features responsive elements throughout, a responsive mobile menu and integrated Google reviews, plus it comes complete with a variety of plugins that further enhance the user experience..



    Yoast integration for achieving best SEO practices such as adding sitemaps, inputs for metadata, canonical links and much more.

    Advanced Custom Fields

    Which makes it straightforward for the team at Landreeve to update information and imagery as and when needed.

    Contact Form 7

    Allows the team at Verve to create forms that can then also be managed by the client going forward i.e. adding fields, changing the email address they are sent to etc.

    iThemes Security

    This plugin is used to add extra security features to wordpress. These include brute force protection, file change detection, site scanners, logging, changing default users IDs and much more.

    In addition to these plugins Landreeve features social media links and an insights page linked to social media feeds, allowing Landreeve to utilise the site to get the best out of their business.

    Verve Our Work Landreeve Home Page
    Verve Our Work Landreeve Service Page

    Landreeve was successfully launched after vigorous testing from the team at Verve to ensure the go live process ran smoothly. Thorough testing is so important when it comes to the end of a website build, it helps to identify and fix any issues, ensures compatibility across other devices and browsers, pinpoints any performance issues and helps to evaluate user experience prior to launching.

    The team at Verve managed all of the DNS and Go Live processes in house so that Landreeve could rest assured that this part of the website build process was handled professionally. It is vital for a team of qualified developers to carry this work out so that any issues are identified quickly and dealt with properly, avoiding problems and potentially detrimental down time on a site post launch.

    Verve worked closely with the team at Landreeve to deliver the project on time and to budget, communicating throughout and ensuring that the finished product was something that the business could be proud of and functioned exactly how Landreeve needed it to. The team at Verve provided backend training on the site so that Landreeve knew exactly how to manage their site effectively and efficiently.

    We are proud to have a team of experts that work to meet your budget, your needs and deadlines, whilst providing clients with a wealth of knowledge and experience, all under one roof.

    If you’re thinking of building a new site or upgrading your existing one then why not get in touch today and see how we can help?