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    Bespoke Wordpress Build

    The Client:

    Plantkind are innovators who have disrupted Shrewsbury’s food scene, capturing attention and delighting customers with their middle-eastern street food. With a focus on home-made falafel and fresh salads, the plant-based take-away has become increasingly popular. This project was personal to us as it is no exaggeration to say our team is fuelled by delicious food from Plantkind. Therefore, when they decided that they needed a new website, we were determined to build something exquisite that reflects the quality and passion that defines this fantastic local restaurant. 


    The Brief:

    Plantkind wanted a new website that would act as a hub for their menus, ordering and catering. Crucial to this project was a design that matched their existing branding, furthering it in places to develop a clear identity. It was vital that the site had an easy to use content management system so that they could make changes to their website. A contact form and location map were also pivotal to increase online orders. Finally, the site needed to be mobile optimised and user friendly.

    “Verve did an amazing job on our website, great communication and very professional.”
    Vlad, Plantkind.
    PlantKind Website Displayed on a Blurred Background

    The Design:

    We were enthralled by the task of designing a website that reflected the experience of going into Plantkinds shop. Our focus was on retaining the existing brand, and also enhancing it in new innovative ways that furthered their strong identity. Making this website look good was relatively easy, but the challenge is always to balance aesthetics with the user experience and interface. In the end we designed a visually striking site which converts due to its ease of use. 

    The Build:

    Verve have vast experience building WordPress and when this was combined with such a stunning design, we had a great foundation for the build. We used a number of integrations on this project; Yoast ensures a strong platform for SEO and we also added our own custom GA4 plugin to ensure accurate tracking. Other plugins included Advanced Custom Fields, Bedrock, Contact Form 7, Solid Security and Lightwidget.

    One of the biggest challenges on this site was making the pages flow nicely. In the end, we created quite an authentic experience where scrolling down the page is smooth but also attention-grabbing. Ensuring the fonts worked well in their respective containers also presented a hurdle but after a few developer headaches, we hit the mark. 

    The site is accessible whilst being visually-striking. It is fast whilst offering all of the functionality Plantkind hoped for. Balance is always at the core of website development, and the result of this build is nothing short of equilibrium; this is a point of pride for us. In addition, we always like to build a website that empowers the user; by providing backend training, a simple CMS platform and accurate data on GA4, we have given plantkind all of the tools they need to achieve their digital goals. 

    “This site was a pleasure to build. We applied a meticulous attention to detail across all stages of development and this can be seen in the end result. This was a fun and clean project from start to finish and it was a pleasure to support a much-loved local business.”
    Chris, Backend Developer
    PlantKind Website Viewed on Mobile Devices

    The End Result:

    We take pride in the creation of Plantkind’s high-quality website, and we are thrilled with its ongoing positive impact on their business.

    Collaborating closely with the Plantkind team, Verve successfully delivered the project on schedule and within budget. We maintained open communication throughout the entire process, ensuring that the final website met the business’s expectations. Verve also conducted comprehensive backend training for the Plantkind team, empowering them to manage their site effectively and efficiently.

    Our team at Verve is proud to be comprised of experts dedicated to meeting your budget, needs, and deadlines. We provide clients with a wealth of knowledge and experience, all conveniently housed under one roof.

    Person Order falafel from the Plantkind website on the laptop
    “Having been a customer of Plantkind for years and loving their food I was determined to build their new site. As a customer I knew what I wanted to see and this helped us build a site that mirrored their shop in terms of design and improved their offering in terms of service. They are busy so it was important that the ordering process was kept simple and worked!”
    Julian Smout, Managing Director at Verve

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