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Why WordPress?

Holly Doyle-Wilday Written By Holly - Digital Marketing Manager at Verve
Macbook Air showing a website Macbook Air showing a website

We love working with and building WordPress sites, but what are the benefits for you and your business? Let’s take a look!

Easy to Customise

There are so many ways that you can adapt WordPress so that it is bespoke to you, with plenty of themes and plugins to choose from, the layouts are endless. You can then change these with the input of a designer to help you achieve the look, feel and functionality that you desire! The possibilities are limitless!

SEO Friendly

WordPress is built using standard code which means Google loves this SEO friendly platform. You can also use SEO WordPress plugins to optimise your site even further and with the help of SEO experts you can really get the best from your website.

Easy to Manage

One of the big reasons why so many people love WordPress is that it has a very user friendly content management system (CMS). It is easy to update and to manage from a user perspective, additionally it is easy for a developer to work with.


WordPress is very secure, but even the safest platforms can be hacked, which is why we always advise staying on top of your updates and contacting your developers with any issues you may have.

These are just some of the reasons why WordPress can be the perfect platform for your business. But if you want to find out more about why it could be the most ideal choice for you, why not get in touch?