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    Are You Still Sending One Email Newsletter A Month?

    Verve Team Callum Richardson Digital Marketing Manager Written By Callum Richardson - Digital Marketing Manager at Verve
    Laptop with emails coming out of it Laptop with emails coming out of it

    Digital Marketing is always evolving, and as it does, it becomes increasingly centered around data and AI. This is true for Paid Search, Paid Social and even Organic Social Media, as AI helps us to create content that algorithms find placements for. With Google this can be seen in the revolution of Performance Max campaigns, whereas for social media you see the impact of algorithms in viral Instagram reels and ‘for you’ feeds on TikTok. Change can be scary, but adapting to it can be incredibly beneficial for your business.  

    So how come you are still sending one static email to all of your newsletter subscribers? 


    Consumers Are Busy: Keep It Short

    Only 16% of users read word-by-word, and the average person gets distracted within eight seconds; the age of monthly newsletters is over.

    The internet is overwhelming. It is overflowing with content and information, meaning consumers are easily distracted and attention for your brand is gold dust. Imagery and videos are now vital to engagement, and text needs to be concise and converting. 

    Instead of writing one convoluted email a month, you need to try sending emails about individual subjects, products or categories, with strong imagery  and very clear calls to action. If you want to write something long-form, like this blog, then house it on your website where it benefits your SEO and link to it from your email. This speeds up email creation, and multiplies your results as you are more likely to capture attention, and engage/convert it within your initial eight second window.


    Segmentation: Relevance Is King

    Sending one email to all of your contacts is like playing a round of golf with only a driver. Occasionally it will work, but for some situations (like putting) it will be next to useless and won’t achieve your desired results.

    Modern email platforms like Klaviyo are all about data, and they give you the power to split your database based on demographic information or behaviours. These smaller groups can then be sent incredibly targeted emails which are relevant to them. If the relevance is obvious in the subject line, you will have a better open rate. In addition, the email itself is something they are interested in, so the customer is more likely to click on your CTA and once on your site, to convert. 

    This segmentation means you can send different offers and content to different customers. One great example of this is segmenting a newsletter list to create a VIP segment. This segment could be based on customers who have ordered 3 times in the last year, for example. You can then send your marketing campaign only to these customers and reward them for their loyalty with an exclusive offer. Similarly, you could go the other way and create an email campaign which has an offer specifically designed to re-engage a segment that does not open most emails and has not ordered in 10 months. 

    The possibilities are endless, but the results are clear. 


    Automation: Timing Is Money.

    As mentioned above, the internet is overflowing with content and attention spans are very short. This means that capturing a customer’s attention at the right time is paramount. Thankfully, email marketing platforms like Klaviyo have a tool for this too; automation.

    Automations work based on triggers. A trigger could be demographic information or a tracked behaviour; an example of this is an abandoned cart email. The trigger for this could be a customer entering the checkout, but not completing their purchase within an hour. They would then receive a reminder which dynamically pulls in their products and links to their saved basket. If they order, they would leave the automation, if they do not then 24 hours later they would receive a second email with a discount code. 72 hours later, if they still have not ordered they would receive a final reminder before the cart and discount are lost.

    This is just one example of a fairly simple automation, but one that is a necessity for any e-Commerce store. There are thousands of different triggers that can be used, and even more ways to then split the journey and send customers automated emails at opportune times. 


    The Math

    Email marketing is a fundamental channel, as it remains the cheapest way to communicate with customers. A lot of businesses put vast amounts of time and effort into acquiring new customers on Google, Social Media or other forms of advertising. This is hugely important, but email marketing is your chance to make the new customers you have paid for convert again, and again, and again. The better your customer retention strategy and the more often and likely new customers are to become repeat purchasers, the more power you have to go after new customers, knowing you can then continually convert them.

    On Klaviyo, you can send 100,000 emails a month to 10,000 unique contacts for £117 a month. A decent click rate is 2% so that would be 2000 clicks a month for £117. Or, in other words, 5.85p cost per click. And that still ignores the other 5000 times your customers will have opened an email and thus consumed your messaging or heard about your offer.


    We Can Help

    We are official Klaviyo partners and experts at email marketing. We offer bespoke packages, from account setups that deliver all the fundamentals mentioned above to flexible email retainers. If you are interested in adding a data-driven email marketing strategy to your businesses marketing suite, then please get in touch at info@verve-design.co.uk