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    Our Welcome Flow Generated Over £10,000 For A Client In The First Two Weeks.

    You are probably already paying for traffic to hit your website, but what if it isn’t quite ready to convert? Cost-per-click marketing means you pay for each user who visits your website and this means that squeezing every bit of value out of a click is vital for your profitability. We have developed a system which will boost conversion rates, increase customer lifetime value and capture vital primary data, thus allowing you to communicate intelligently with said visitor again and again.

    We have just set it live on a clients website and its led to 128 code uses and over £10,000 of revenue within the first two weeks; here’s how:


    Provide That Nudge

    A visitor already has intent, that’s why they are actively browsing a website. However, there is a gap between intent and conversion. A lot of the time a potential customer will want something, but they need to be convinced that its the correct company to buy from, and that now is the time to make that purchase. This is evident in the data, as the average ecommerce conversion rate sits at a surprisingly low 2.5% to 3%. Remember, a lot of this traffic has been paid for, so converting just 1% more gives acquisition based marketing more legs to run and helps the ROAS of paid channels.

    It may seem simple, but there is never a bigger motivator than price, and thus a discount is almost always the most powerful lever you can pull. We recommend having a pop-up that offers new visitors a 10-15 % off their first order, depending on margin. If a potential new customer is looking at the same product on multiple websites, this will make one site stand out, and win that vital first order. Building this pop-up within Klaviyo ensures this pop-up does not show to existing subscribers (unless they are using an incognito tab) and therefore it limits any potential impact on existing customers that are not being offered a discount.


    Give And Take

    This Klaviyo pop-up is called a ‘soft conversion’ and in order to claim the discount they want, a visitor must subscribe to email marketing and enter some crucial data in the process. With this client, we have gone further than just an email and we collect information that helps us to understand the marketing funnel, such as source, and understand customers, such as trade or industry. This means our client can now communicate directly with this new customer via Klaviyo for a far lower cost, and tailor said messaging to the customer by building clever email automations based on the data they inputted.

    Through advanced email segmentation, we can also create audiences dependent on how users have been tagged, how they use the website and how they react to emails. These segments can be used to report and learn about customers, or to target them with highly relevant well-timed emails. You are giving customers a discount and in return they are giving you the means to convert them again and again.


    The Welcome Flow

    Klaviyo allows us to build automations, which send emails to customers who have completed specific triggers. An abandoned cart is one of these, however this strategy is about supercharging welcome flows. Once a customer has submitted their data and subscribed to email marketing through a pop-up they are automatically enrolled in a welcome flow. The first email in this flow should send immediately, and it provides the new subscriber with their discount code. At the same time, you can deliver key messages within this email, build your brand and push people towards certain products or categories. It is a priceless chance to introduce your business, because open rates will always be very high on this email due to customers wanting to get their code.

    Some customers will take their code and purchase; they are then removed from the flow so that you do not risk over-communicating and appearing as spam. Others will not, and a few days later they can automatically receive the next email, which is all about selling the brand story and communicating key USP’s. Furthermore, the customer is reminded of the existence of the company, and their discount code.

    Finally, a few days later you can pull another great lever of influence; urgency. Humans hate missing out, and the fear of a discount code expiring can be very converting. This final email can once again be filtered so that it only goes to those who were not previously converted.


    The Results

    We set this account live two weeks ago, after a full Klaviyo setup that included template-building, abandoned carts and more. Here are the results from our welcome flow:

    New Subscribers: +303

    10% Discount Code Uses: 128

    Revenue Generated: £10,022.64


    We are a Silver Klaviyo Partner and have setup advanced email marketing for a wide variety of clients. On the account above, we delivered a positive ROI on their investment in our setup within 24 hours. If you want us to help take your email marketing to the next level, then get in touch info@verve-design.co.uk


    Green Hosting: We Planted 200 Trees In Kenya

    We have kickstarted our new Green Hosting service by planting 200 trees in Kenya. Through a groundbreaking (or should we say tree-planting) relationship with Ecologi, we have transformed our hosting into a force for good. Our hosting has always been environmentally conscious, with renewably powered, carbon neutral servers, but recently we have levelled it up. When you move onto our new, even more environmentally friendly servers, we will also plant trees around the world so that your website has a positive impact on the planet. If you want to find out more about Green Hosting, click here

    Kenya is a nation in East Africa that spans roughly 580,367 sq km, making it 2.4 times bigger than the UK. It is situated between Lake Victoria and the Indian Ocean, with its capital Nairobi growing into a large commercial hub for the region. Unfortunately food security and poverty are still key development challenges in Kenya, with some sources finding 36% of the population still live below the poverty line.

    Our trees were planted in the Mau region, which has a large forest containing many rivers that impact the lives of millions. Since the 1970s deforestation has taken place due to agriculture and charcoal production; this has led to huge degradation of the land and when combined with recent droughts, caused serious damage to local watersheds.

    Maps showing Kenya and the Mau region

    Our Project

    We planted our trees with Ecologi who have an incredibly detailed vetting process for their tree-planting partners. On this occasion, the project was run by Eden Reforestation Projects who aim to provide fair-wage employment to local villagers to help restore global forests. Eden hire local people to grow, plant and guard these trees. This means you gain both environmental and socioeconomic benefits. Our project funded 200 afromontane trees at the Kass FM site, and it covers 5700 hectares in the Mau region. This land is owned by the local community, who also planted the trees. The ’employ-to-plant’ process creates a consistent income which allows the local community to improve education, nutrition and healthcare.


    UN Sustainable Development Goals

    The ‘Forest restoration in Kenya’ project aligns with the following UN Sustainable Development Goals:

    Un sustainability goals achieved by this project


    Do you want to turn your website into a force for good?

    Find Out How




    The internet is responsible for more carbon emissions than the aviation industry

    Website hosting refers to the service that allows individuals and organisations to make their websites accessible on the internet. While this digital infrastructure has undoubtedly transformed our lives and working practices, the environmental toll it takes is often overlooked.

    Huge Data centres, where the servers hosting websites are housed, consume enormous amounts of energy to operate and cool the equipment. The power demands of these data centres contribute significantly to carbon emissions, impacting the environment on a global scale. In fact, a study by Lancaster University claims the internet has a digital footprint on a similar scale to the aviation industry, and one that is constantly increasing with demand for online services.

    As a B Corporation agency who specialise in website development, digital marketing and hosting, the environmental impact of the internet is something we have been acutely aware of for a while. Verve has been carbon neutral for a number of years, choosing servers powered by renewable energy sources and offsetting our own carefully constrained carbon footprint. In fact, if you currently use Verve for your website hosting then your site is already on carbon neutral servers which were specifically chosen for the environmental credentials. However, we were surprised at how many of our family, friends and clients simply had no idea about the environmental toll of website hosting or the impact of their own digital presence. 

    We decided it was time to act, and that is why Green Hosting has been born.


    What is Green Hosting?

    If you are already hosting your website with Verve then you will enjoy the additional benefits of Green Hosting at no extra cost. We have recently found even greener servers and are in the process of moving websites across when current servers expire. Once you are moved, your website will begin to plant trees.

    Green hosting is our new game-changing website hosting service, and it comes with a prestigious accreditation. It’s worth noting that the costs of hosting a website with Verve have not changed; we are doing this at our cost because we are passionate about making the internet greener.

    We have sourced new, even greener servers that are incredibly fast, secure and 100% powered by renewable energy sources. This ensures our website hosting is carbon neutral, so the limited emissions will be offset. Verve offset all of our own carbon emissions so any work we do on your website hosting is carbon neutral too. These new servers are registered on the Green Web Directory, meaning they are more transparent about their impact.

    All of this helps to reduce the carbon footprint of your website and reduce its environmental impact – but what if your website could be a force for good?

    Verve are excited to have partnered with Ecologi, a fellow B Corporation based in Bristol who help companies to invest in the planet. When we move you onto our new servers, you will begin aiding tree planting efforts around the globe. The beauty of this collaboration comes in the transparency of the system; we have a virtual forest which displays how many trees we have planted and gives detail ranging from the locations they were planted in, to information about the projects and even serial numbers. Within our ‘virtual forest’ each of our Green Hosted Plus clients gains a subforest: this means we can track how many trees your business has planted and you will also have access to project information and images. We want to plant over 50,000 trees a year, and you could be a part of this.


    What’s in it for my business? 

    We believe there should be an element of pride attached to making climate-conscious decisions like committing to Green Hosting. This is why we have decided to make it an accreditation, which we hope will increase recognition of your green credentials. The logo can be featured on your site and you gain access to a full brand kit of draft press releases and social media kits. In addition we will receive your unique ‘green trophy’ that you can proudly display in your office. 

    Thanks to our collaboration with Ecologi, we will send you updates on how many trees you have planted and how much carbon your hosting choices have saved. You’ll also gain access to view our virtual forest and your very own subforest if you are on our Plus package. With this comes all of the great content, images and insights on Ecologi so you can see and share the real impact of the tree planting projects you have aided. 


    If you are already hosting your website with Verve, we will be in touch regarding your subforest and accreditation. If not, now is the time to become a part of a better internet.

    Bespoke WordPress or Templated WordPress: We explain the differences

    WordPress is a very flexible platform for building websites, and choosing between a bespoke design and a templated theme is an important decision. Here’s a structured breakdown of the differences:

    1. Customisation and Uniqueness:

    2. Development Time and Cost:

    3. Maintenance and Updates:

    4. Scalability and Future Changes:

    5. SEO and Performance:

    The choice between a bespoke WordPress website and a templated theme depends on your specific goals, budget, and technical expertise. A bespoke website offers unmatched customisation and uniqueness but comes with a higher cost and longer development time. On the other hand, templated themes provide a quicker and more budget-friendly solution, but you might have to compromise on some aspects of customisation and uniqueness. Templates can lend themselves well to start-ups, that then move on to a more bespoke theme once they are more established.

    Consider your project requirements carefully to make the best choice for your website, and if you need any assistance please don’t hesitate to contact a member of our knowledgeable team.

    Why Should You Invest in a New Website?

    In today’s climate it can be hard to justify new purchases, especially something that requires a big investment such as a new website, but could you be missing out on potentially generating more business by holding back? 


    Investing in a new website can provide many opportunities for businesses, here are some of the reasons why it could be the right choice to make.


    Having Online Presence 


    With the world becoming ever more digital, having an online presence is crucial. A website is your visual storefront, providing a platform to showcase your products, services and portray your brand to existing and potential customers, allowing you to provide them with information about the product or service that you’re offering.




    A website that has been well designed, built and maintained will only work towards enhancing your credibility and reputation. It gives your business a polished and trustworthy image, which can build trust in potential customers.




    Your website can be accessed with anyone who has the internet, this gives you the opportunity to expand your target audience much further than if you were to simply have a physical storefront. 




    Your marketing is usually driven to your website, having a well constructed site means that any PPC, social media and email marketing that is driven to the site has a better chance of converting if it is built with conversion in mind. Additionally a site that is well built, designed and populated will enhance your SEO and drive further organic traffic to your business, whilst increasing brand awareness at the same time.




    Having a website allows you to engage with your client base, giving you the opportunity to share important product or service information, share updates on the business and products and services that you offer, as well as allowing customers to contact you either via contact form or live chat. Responding to these contact requests quickly and efficiently builds trust and repeat purchase.




    If you’re investing in a well built site then you should do so with the future in mind. Future proofing your website is the perfect way to ensure that it can grow with you and your business. A site that is built well will be able to scale and adapt alongside your business needs. Choosing the right platform for this is key.


    Ultimately, investing in a new website means an upfront cost but it can provide an excellent return on investment if built and designed well. It can increase conversion, drive traffic and generate leads. But don’t just take our word for it, we recently got in touch with a customer as part of our ongoing customer service policy and asked them a few questions about their website. We were so delighted by their response that we decided to share it.


    Q: What benefits have you experienced from having a strong site like yours as opposed to a poorly constructed site?

    A: The site is the biggest shop window we have and in today’s world, gone are the paper brochures and it’s now all online. For us, the website is the first thing they look at to decide if we are a professional outfit or not. Ease of use, imagery, links and hit rate are also important, which we get with our site.

    Just as important as the desktop version is the mobile version. There are so many companies’ websites which you access from your mobile and they really struggle to use effectively as they have not been set up correctly.


    Q: Are you still happy with your site? 

    A: Yes! It’s now five years old but still looks good, clean and easy to navigate. We refresh the imagery regularly and also update pages with new text from time to time. We are changing and adapting some pages to offer more information too.


    Q: Are you happy with the investment you put into your site?

    A: Most definitely. For us, this is the first thing people will cross reference when they find or use our company. Our site portrays quality and professionalism. No cowboys here!


    Q: Do you think it was worth it?

    A: Yes, although I find defining marketing spend and then quantifying results is tricky. But, there is no way we would be where we are today if we did not have a good website. It is part and parcel of a professional organisation.


    Q: Do you still see a value in your site?

    A: Yes. We also want to build on this too and make it even better. We need more details on it and with our own updates we can do, we have the option to make this a versatile site which is constantly evolving because of the way it has been built.


    Q: If you had your time again – would you still make the same decision? What would you do differently?

    A: Websites are essential. No question about it. If I did it again I would still have had a professional build it and definitely not opted for a ‘make your own’ one online. Our company image MUST be professional and I cannot afford to have a second rate site. 

    Q: Finally – do you still feel it is important to have a professional site? Do you think it has helped to grow your business? Would you have been able to achieve your growth without it?

    A: We definitely need a site as the answers above have shown. Whilst it is very hard to quantify how much input it has directly had I know that every one of my new leads will have looked at us on our website and made the decision as to whether we know what we are doing or not.  Bad site, bad company. Good site, professional company.


    So, is it time for a new website? Get in touch! We can help.

    Why should I choose Shopify as an eCommerce platform?

    Are you considering a new website and not sure which platform to choose? Shopify can be a great choice, but why?

    Here are our top reasons to choose Shopify as an eCommerce platform










    These are just a few of the many reasons why you might choose Shopify as your eCommerce platform. Ultimately, the best platform for you will depend on your individual needs and goals for your online store. Why not get in touch with us for a quote?

    Google Adwords Pro Max Campaigns

    What Are Google Pro Max Campaigns and Why Should We Be Using Them?

    Pro Max is a goal-based campaign type within Google Ads that will allow you to access all of the Google Ads inventory from a single campaign. This includes Search, Shopping, Display, YouTube, Gmail, Maps and Discovery campaigns.

    The biggest difference between Pro Max campaigns and other Google Ads campaigns is automation, using the assets that you provide Google will automate the creation of the ads and create the best combination to maximise performance.

    The Pro Max campaigns promise to deliver more conversions and value by optimising performance in real-time and across channels using Smart Bidding. The idea is to combine bidding, budget, audiences, creatives, attributions and more to create a smarter ad, driven by specific objectives that you choose and using the assets, audience signals and data feeds provided by you.

    The real-time data enables you to discover new audience segments that you may have previously been unaware of and helps to get ads in front of new shoppers.

    Pro Max campaigns are ideal for advertisers that are looking to appear on all Google’s advertising platforms, with a single campaign, they can also be a good option for smaller businesses that want to reach all these channels.

    The new campaigns involve creating assets that are best suited for your business, images, videos and text, this allows you to optimise your campaigns so that they suit your business best.

    Utilising Pro Max campaigns to get the most from your business is what we will be looking to do as an agency moving forward! Get in touch if you want to know more or need help setting up your Pro Max Campaign.

    Google 360 Tours

    Google 360 Tours let you showcase your business so that the user can fully immerse themselves within your office, shop or other place of business.

    It allows you to promote your business through high-quality virtual tours which help to get people through your door.

    Whether your business is a small shopfront, a large corporate business or an arena you can really show off your interior, giving individuals an insight into your company.

    Verve has teamed up with a Google Trusted Agency to produce stunning Google 360 Tours at an affordable price. The team consists of some of the best Virtual Tour experts in the UK. They specialise in promoting your business through high-quality virtual tours which you’re then able to add to your Google My Business profile, your website and your social media.

    Here you can see an example of a Google 360 tour recently produced!

    Pipekit Google 360 Tour 

    If you’re interested in a Google 360 tour for your business then why not get in touch with us today!

    GA4 – The Next Generation of Analytics – Google Analytics 4

    GA4 collects event-based data from both websites and apps. It is the new property designed for the future of measurement, replacing the current Universal Analytics.


    The new analytics platform will collect data to better understand the customer journey, it uses event-based data instead of session-based, includes privacy controls such as cookieless measurement, and behavioural and conversion modelling, predictive capabilities offer guidance without complex models and direct integrations to media platforms help to push actions on your website or app.


    GA4 has become the default when setting up a new property, and you will need to upgrade to GA4 before summer 2023. As soon as you set up a new GA4 property you will start collecting useful data without even putting any additional tags into place 


    If you have an app, a website or both it is now recommended that you set up a GA4 account alongside existing GA accounts, if you have them, this will give you time to collect data in GA4 without losing any data currently held in your GA accounts, so, no time like the present!


    Currently users on websites will consent to cookies which will track a website’s performance, but this leaves gaps where user consent isn’t given for tracking. So GA4 will start filling in the gaps by using machine learning, meaning that your data will be more reliable. 


    GA4 is built to be future proof, it has a much larger focus on tracking the entire user journey as opposed to splitting up current user interaction into sessions, devices or platforms as Universal Analytics does. It allows bespoke tracking of events which you can then turn into conversions giving a truer conversion rate.


    The main benefits of GA4 include:

    Improved data collection and reporting

    GA4 allows for more accurate data collection and reporting, meaning that businesses can better track user behaviour and understand how users interact with their website or app.

    Deeper insights into user behaviour

    GA4 provides more indepth insights into user behaviour, so that businesses can better understand how users interact with their website or app. GA4 processes data in a much better way than Universal Analytics.

    Identity spaces

    It creates a single user journey for all data linked to the same identity resulting in much better reporting, compared to Analytics where a single user can appear to be different when showing on a different device or platform.

    Automated intelligence tools

    GA4 comes with automated intelligence tools that can help businesses to optimise their website or app for better user experience.

    Google Ads integration

    GA4 is integrated with Google Ads and other Google marketing tools, so that businesses can better measure user journeys and understand how their campaigns are performing.

    Platform Design

    The new GA4 has a shiny new look, the user interface can be customised and has less limitation on scorecard size and shape. There are additional changes to the layout making it feel less clunky and feels easier to use and far more seamless.

    Google Tag Manager

    Making the move to GA4 can be a tricky process, you’ll need to ensure that the tracking is working seamlessly across your site. If you need a hand, why not get in touch with us today and let us do it for you!

    You can find out more about GA4 from Google here.


    Verve Starts a Forest with Ecologi

    Verve has committed to planting a tree for every sale we make. As a B Corporation Business we are always looking for more ways that we can help our environment and invest into the future of our planet. We discovered Ecologi, who will help us do just that, and are very excited to start planting our forest with the team here at Verve. 


    Every time we make a sale, no matter how big or small, we will plant a tree.


    One of the best ways to tackle the climate crisis and to keep the planet’s temperatures from rising is to plant more trees. Trees are also key in preventing ecological collapse.


    Ecologi has a fantastic range of partners that plant trees on their behalf and responsibly plant millions of trees every month with the help of businesses like Verve.


    Verve chose Ecologi because it enables us to check out the exact species, location and project of every single tree planted on our behalf. They ensure that the location and tree species are appropriate for each planting site and that the planting only takes place during the correct seasonal conditions. They work closely with trusted reforestation partners who themselves work alongside local communities, using their valuable knowledge for the planting process.


    So by working with Verve, you will be investing back into the planet as well. What better reason to get in touch with us today and see what we can offer you? Whether it is help with your existing site, building you a new one or digital marketing assistance, we’re here to cover it all.

    Verve Joins Shropshire for Good

    Verve has recently become a member of Shropshire for Good, a branch of UK for Good.

    UK for Good began in Cheshire, when Cheshire for Good was set up to inform, inspire and enable forward-thinking business leaders to better understand and improve their impact on their people, communities and the planet.

    UK for Good work in partnership with local businesses, public organisations, business networks, and educational institutions, to shape a cleaner, greener, fairer future for all. They have now set up branches for each region as the demand for local businesses to join UK for Good was obvious.

    As Verve is already a B Corporation Business, the chance to join Shropshire for Good made sense, an opportunity to build relationships with like minded businesses and to enable us to offer our services to businesses that might be looking for a supplier that believes in a greener, more sustainable future, and makes business choices to reflect this.

    Shropshire for Good organise monthly online meetings where discussions are held about what businesses can do to help the planet, and what actions they can take that will make a difference. Speakers from businesses that are already taking these steps help others that wish to do so to understand why it is such an important topic, and how they can start. Verve co hosted at the launch of Shropshire for Good, where we shared our B Corporation journey and some of the changes we made.

    We hope to be able to connect with more businesses like Verve and to be part of a network of like minded companies in Shrewsbury that will help to shape a county that invests back into the community, and into the planet.

    If you want to find out more about the work that UK for Good does, you can take a look here.

    To get in touch with us to find out more about what we offer as a business then just drop us an email (info@verve-design.co.uk)



    How to Reduce Your Carbon Footprint 

    Travelling to work, what you eat, how you live at home, all these things contribute to your carbon footprint. Your carbon footprint is the amount of greenhouse gases that are emitted through the activities that you partake in daily. It is the way that we measure the impact of a person, business or country on climate change. 

    So, how can you reduce your carbon footprint? It all starts by thinking about the choices that we make daily, and how these choices can become more climate-friendly.

    We made a conscious decision to evaluate all areas of our business which contributed to our very own carbon footprint. We made changes to the way we conducted our business to ensure that we were reducing any negative impact on the environment, reducing our carbon footprint. We applied for, and were awarded, B Corporation status. As a B Corporation Business we are held to the highest standards of social and environmental performance, transparency and accountability. 

    Here are some of the things that we looked at and some ideas to help you get started today!




    Considering other modes of transport that don’t burn fossil fuels can make a big impact on the environment.

    If you live close enough to your workplace you can ride your bike which is a great way to reduce your carbon footprint. As a business you can add bike shelters and stands so that employees have somewhere safe to store their bikes. You can choose public transport to avoid car trips just for you, or share a lift with a colleague. Working from home where possible, even for just some of your hours can also help to reduce those car trips. Switching to an electric or hybrid car is another option if you need to use your car regularly. As a business you can install car chargers at the work place and add electric cars to the fleet of company cars.


    Energy and Waste


    You can turn your heating down by just a degree or two and it will already make a difference. Taking shorter showers to save water and the energy taken to heat the water. Unplugging electronic equipment when not in use or fully charged, such as turning computers off at night, will all make a difference. Here at Verve we now turn all lights and electronic equipment off when we aren’t using it and we have saved around 25% on our bills each month!


    You can also take steps to make an effort to recycle as and where you can, every little bit can make a difference! Putting in recycling points at work can help to encourage staff to recycle also. And finally, choosing energy efficient products where possible will also help to reduce that carbon footprint.




    Try and invest in sustainable clothing, buy responsibly made clothes made from recycled material or with organic materials. Alternatively purchase second hand clothes, swap clothes or rent them from companies that offer this as an option. 


    Eat more plant foods and less animal foods 


    Taking a look at what you put on your plate each day is one of the biggest ways to reduce your carbon footprint. This is because the meat and dairy industries are some of the top contributors to global greenhouse gas emissions. It is also a great way to lead a healthier lifestyle by adding more fruit and veg to your diet. If you don’t want to give up meat you can start by just having meat free meals or days, or try substituting meat products with plant based alternatives. If you replace one meal a day with a plant based option you could reduce your water and carbon footprint by up to 25%


    It is also key to consume local and seasonal products as much as possible, this avoids foods that don’t grow in this country in the winter or summer being flown in from overseas, or using intensive farming methods such as pesticides and greenhouses to force them to grow at times they otherwise wouldn’t. These both add significantly to your carbon footprint. 


    Avoid Waste

    Waste is a big contributing factor to your carbon footprint, so it is worthwhile making a conscious decision to only buy what you need and not more. This can apply to food, clothing and any material possessions. You can add water meters at the workplace as well as encouraging staff prudence with electricity.

    Proud to be a Climate Neutral Company

    We recently announced that we have become a BCorp Business but did you also know that we are a Climate Neutral Partner? Our business ethos is put back into our planet, not just to take away.


    We strive as a company to ensure that everything we do is with the planet in mind, from our suppliers to the way we conduct business, everything has an ethical thought process and we work to keep our promise of providing active, credible care for the environment.


    As a Climate Neutral Company we offset carbon emissions by supporting carbon offset projects. We recently backed the offset project of clean cookstoves in Nyungwe. The CO2 equivalents of 20,600kg. You can find out more about this project here.


    The climate offset projects that we support are more than just CO2 savings, they are about development projects for people as well. Helping to achieve clean energy, clean cooking stoves, clean drinking water and light, time for work or school, healthy forests full of healthy animals, all whilst helping to protect our climate.


    Carbon offset projects help other people in the world to enjoy better living conditions, in addition to saving greenhouse gas emissions. By supporting these projects we offset the carbon emissions that we generate as a business.


    We hope to continue to build on the work that we do, helping to change the world bit by bit, and supporting more projects as part of our journey.


    We are aiming to embed sustainable climate action into our corporate activity.


    You can find out more about becoming a Climate Partner here


    To find out more about our ethos and our mission here at Verve visit our Mission page.

    Verve Achieves B Corp Certification

    The turn of 2021 and a long-held ambition achieved: Verve achieves B Corp Certification, joining a growing group of purpose-led, ethical companies including The GuardianPatagonia and innocent using business as a force for good. 


    Certified B Corporations are businesses that meet the highest standards of verified social and environmental performance, public transparency, and legal accountability to balance profit and purpose. B Corps are accelerating a global culture shift to redefine success in business and build a more inclusive and sustainable economy.” B Corporation 


    B Lab – the not-for-profit powering the B Corp movement – conducted the rigorous, root-and-branch B Impact Assessment to establish Verve as one of only six UK-based Web Design businesses to achieve B Corp Certification, and the first and still only in Shropshire.


    This two year process evaluated how our operations and business model impact our workers, community, environment, and clients. From our supply chain and input materials, to our charitable giving and employee benefits, B Corp Certification proves that Verve is meeting the highest standards of verified ethical performance.


    Assess   We looked at who we worked with, how we conducted business, and what we were already doing that met or could be improved to meet the B Corp higher ethical standard.


    Where required, we then went through a process of business activity evolution. Examples include shedding suppliers that did not meet this higher ethical standard; reducing our ecological impact in every possible area, becoming climate and carbon neutral; and improving still further the terms of our staff with initiatives including becoming a certified Living Wage employer.


    Applying for B Corp Certification was hard work and took concerted efforts from our team to get right. We were determined to meet the expectations, and, although we had to evolve along the way the hard work was rewarded.


    Finally, we were awarded the coveted B Corp Certification. An achievement many months in the making now requires the ongoing dedication of our team to maintain—and improve—our new ethical standard.


    Julian Smout, Managing Director at Verve says: “We hope that, as a team, we continue to grow Verve together, building on the work that achieved B Corp Certification and giving clients the choice of a company that has made the shift towards a more sustainable economy and better business ethics. We are proud to be a B Corp. It signifies what Verve is becoming as a business and is a giant step forward.”
    Verve is now part of a community of over 3,700 businesses globally to have achieved B Corp Certification. The B Corp community in the UK – representing a broad cross section of industries and sizes – now comprises over 450 companies and includes well-known brands such as The Guardian, innocent, Patagonia, The Body Shop, and organic food pioneers Abel & Cole.
    Chris Turner, Executive Director of B Lab UK says“We are delighted to welcome Verve to the B Corp community. This is a movement of companies who are committed to changing how business operates, who believe business really can be a force for good. We know that Verve is going to be a fantastic addition to the community and will continue driving the conversation forward. 

    “We are pleased to have B Corps of all shapes and sizes as part of our community – from startups to multinationals, and across many different industries. Business is a powerful force, and one that – as these companies are showing – can be used for good. Welcoming Verve is an exciting moment because they have an opportunity to lead the way within the web design & digital marketing industry. We and the rest of the B Corp community are really pleased to support Verve in paving the way for a new way of doing things. 


    “Being able to welcome Verve to the B Corp community is hugely exciting. Their commitment to doing business differently will be an inspiration to others and really help spread the idea that we can redefine success in business to be as much about people and planet as it is about profit”. 


    About B Lab UK:


    B Lab UK is transforming the economy to benefit all people, communities, and the planet. A leader in economic systems change, our global network creates standards, policies, and tools for business, and we certify companies—known as B Corps—who are leading the way. To date, our global community includes over 3,700 B Corps in 74 countries and 150 industries, and over 100,000 companies manage their impact with the B Impact Assessment and the SDG Action Manager.


    Top tips for retaining your customers during and after lockdown

    This is a worrying time for all businesses and many are struggling to stay afloat, but there are a few things that you could start looking at to minimise the potential loss of customers and that you are still appealing to your clientele.


    Check if your customers want something different now

    Following a lockdown your customer’s priorities may have changed, they might be thinking differently about what they want and what they need. Things around them have also changed so what they now require day to day may be different. For example anyone selling clothes online may want to think about stocking reusable face masks. More people have decided to take up running following the closure of many gyms, this could see a rise in the sale of trainers and at home gym equipment.


    Thank customers, never guilt them

    Never guilt your customers into spending more money with you, a lot of businesses are suggesting that people should buy local, and although this is a great way for people to support their local businesses, we also have to be wary of guilt tripping people into this and then alienating them. Instead, how about thanking your customers? There are a few ways that are perfect for doing this.


    Make it easy to work with you as a business

    Ensure that your website is as up to date and as easy to use as possible, it doesn’t take much for people to lose interest if things are harder than they need to be. Make sure your checkouts are working, links on your site aren’t broken and access to view products is as simple as it can be.


    Ensure your staff are happy

    Keeping your staff happy at times like this will ensure that they then project their positivity onto your customers, staff that are in direct contact with your customers are the face of your business. Make sure to check in with how people are feeling regularly, offering support if they are working from home and even incentives to keep them going.


    If you need a hand promoting your business online then drop us a message today!

    How Retailers Are Adapting This Year!

    It has been one of the most bizarre years for the UK and it has certainly had a devastating effect on the retail industry, but how are some shops adapting to the drop in high street sales?

    Lots of non essential stores remain closed, and even when they open again there is bound to be a little hesitance from some people, especially after getting used to the convenience of online shopping.

    So retailers are having to think outside the box this year and come up with some innovative ideas to get people shopping online whilst making Christmas still feel special. Here are some of our favourite virtual events!

    Selfridges are running some fantastic virtual events this year, including a virtual santa meet and greet! Sign me up!

    Virtual Meet and Greet Santa with Selfridges

    John Lewis have set up a fantastic virtual Christmas Shop where you can view all they have to offer on an online shop floor, you could certainly spend far too long on this!

    Virtual Shop with John Lewis!

    Harrods are offering a personal shopping online experience, where you can ‘shop the store from home’. A fantastic idea to give people that ‘personal touch.’

    Harrods Personal Shopper Experience

    Debenhams have opened a virtual Beauty Room, what better way to feel pampered without leaving your home?

    Virtual Beauty Room.

    And MADE have launched their first ever virtual reality showroom!

    MADE’s Virtual Reality Showroom

    Have you come across any great online retail ideas? Let us know!


    An update from Verve regarding LOCKDOWN ‘2’

    An update from Verve regarding LOCKDOWN ‘2’

    Most of our team are now working remotely, with the exception of a skeletal staff who are in the office daily to maintain our business critical systems.

    We are fully geared up to deal with all enquiries, manage our retainer clients and successfully complete, and start, new site builds. It is business as usual for Verve, with the minor change of a working environment adjustment for some to ensure that we adhere to government guidelines and keep our staff safe.

    We know how important it is to keep businesses running in these uncertain times so if there is anything we can do to help you and yours then please do let us know! We’re happy to help!

    We will still be operating within our usual hours of work, 9am – 5pm, and if you have any urgent or non urgent matters outside of those times then please email support@verve-design.co.uk and our team members will pick up your query from there.

    From the entire team at Verve, we wish you all well and to stay safe in these troubling times.

    New Team Members for Verve

    It has been a busy month here at Verve HQ with two new members of the team joining the company expanding the already talented team of developers, designers and marketeers.

    We are pleased to welcome a new Digital Marketing Manager, Holly, and a new PPC expert, Tom.

    Holly brings with her a wealth of marketing experience including brand management, social media, PR and design. Holly has worked across a variety of different sectors over the years continuing to increase her knowledge.

    Tom has a strong background in PPC advertising and a proven track record of creating successful campaigns for various clients.

    Both new additions to the Verve group will be working closely with the rest of the Digital Marketing Team to ensure professional and dedicated account management and creating innovative new campaigns.

    Exciting times ahead for Verve!

    If you would like a new marketing strategy creating for your business then contact holly@verve-design.co.uk

    Verve Welcome The Strong Energy Group

    The Strong Energy Group have joined Verve’s extended portfolio assigning us the task of building an exciting new website. The team will be working on redesigning the existing company website to provide visitors with a better user experience, user journey and clear calls to action across multiple devices. We will also be merging all the websites from the different businesses within the group which consists of Wood Energy, Wood Energy Experts, Hargassner UK, Watterkotte UK, ChipChip, Strong Energy Recovery and Biodiesel.

    As a company with an enviable position of authority within the Low Energy Sector, The Strong Energy Group recognised that they needed a website that could function to meet their needs and the needs of their clients. The Strong Energy Group creates bespoke renewable energy solutions and have a wealth of experience and knowledge that has continued to grow since the formation of the group in 2001. This meant a website refresh was needed to reflect this large group of companies.

    The new website will include landing pages and information on key businesses, it will be SEO friendly and migration and redirects from subsidiary businesses will be provided.

    This project will be created using the WordPress allowing the Verve team to create a truly bespoke website that clearly represents The Strong Energy Group and will additionally help to boost the visual identity of the company.

    The Strong Energy Group chose Verve because we designed the new websites for ChipChip. The company were extremely pleased with the work and finished product leading them to make the decision to pick Verve to redesign the website for the whole group.

    So let the work commence! Be sure to look out for the finished product!


    We have some important news about our Domain!


    We have taken the decision to change our domain name extension from the .EU domain to the .CO.UK domain, mainly due to our customer base being predominantly from the UK but also due to the vote of the British public on the 23rd June 2016.  We have used our current .EU domain since our foundation so we are a bit sad to see it go. There are ways around it though, so if you do have one, don’t feel that because we are changing you have to. We felt though, given our business is predominantly in the UK, we will be better served having a .CO.UK domain.

    Once we made the decision to change our domain, we started the process of looking for an appropriate name change. We wanted a domain which would be future proof, but also with a nod to our Verve roots. So without further ado.. we are pleased to announce that as of next month our new web domain will be …




    We have already started the process of transferring our emails, which have all been tested and are up and running!. The official transfer date for us to go live with the changes is on the 1st of March 2019. You will not need to do anything regarding contacting us as our old email addresses will redirect to our new domain, but if you would like to update your address book you can do so now!


    Here are some of our key email contacts below:

    Managing Director: Julian Smout: julian@verve-design.co.uk
    Technical Director: Mark Hambley: mark@verve-design.co.uk
    Support: support@verve-design.co.uk
    Accounts: accounts@verve-design.co.uk

    If you would like to know more about how websites in the UK with a .EU domain extension will be affected after Brexit, read our latest blog post here

    Welcome to the team

    Verve are pleased to welcome Sarai Gil to the team. Sarai joined us as Lead Graphic Designer in September 2017. She has already helped us to design a number of websites in the few months she has been with us and has proven to be a real asset to both us and our clients.

    During her career, Sarai has developed a working understanding of HTML, web browser capabilities and user centric experiences. In addition, she brings a wealth of experience in understanding the latest design styles and trends. Sarai has a wealth of experience designing for web in particular, Magento.

    Sarai’s expertise lies in strategically balancing usability and design, to create effective websites that have the ability to successfully increase customer conversion. Taking into account your business and all details in your website including the menu, right through to checkout, a UX audit of your site can pinpoint the best ways to improve user journey and maximise your retention and conversion.

    If you would like to discuss web design or arrange for a UX audit of your existing website, please contact us.

    Verve Launches New Website!

    Verve Launches New Website!

    We’re excited to announce the launch of the new Verve website!


    In preparation for a brand new year, it was only fitting that we brought a fresh feel to our website. We aimed to incorporate a professional feel whilst showcasing a full range of our work within a creative, fully functioning layout.


    verve launches new site imac mockup


    Alongside the collaboration of modern creative design with the latest functionality, our new site is also fully responsive allowing visitors to explore our services from a desktop computer to a smartphone with no compromise on the user experience.

    With the aim of keeping our website fresh and up to date with the latest trends, technologies and advances in User Interface and User Experience, paired with our busiest year to date, the creation of the Verve website has been an ongoing project through 2015. Where office hours would not allow the necessary attention, the Verve team has worked tirelessly in their own time to help reach the goal of launching our new site.


    We hope you enjoy browsing our new website and look forward to speaking to you in 2016.