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    Top Winter Sales Tips for eCommerce Sites

    Verve Team Holly Doyle-Wilday Marketing Manager Written By Holly - Digital Marketing Manager at Verve
    Santa hands typing on laptop Santa hands typing on laptop


    Winter is here and if you’ve got an eCommerce site it is the perfect opportunity to boost your sales. Christmas shopping has started and summer has come to an end so it is the ideal time to shift existing last season stock and promote new products!

    Here are our top tips for increasing revenue with AW19!


    Flash Sales

    Put on limited time only flash sales or money off certain spend, it will encourage customers to buy there and then rather than wait and miss out on decent offers. This results in less abandoned carts and a lower bounce rate! With Black Friday, November 29th this year, just around the corner this is a perfect time to think about what you want to push for this event. It’s a great opportunity to boost your sales and your brand!

    Free Samples

    Offering free samples are a great way of getting potential customers hooked on quality products meaning they’re more likely to come back for more! It is also a pretty cost effective way of marketing your business, and if you’re limited with budget then free samples can be a great alternative to get your brand out there over print and online advertising.

    Multi Purchase Deals

    A great way of encouraging customers to spend more is by offering multi purchase deals. Eg the more pairs of socks they buy the cheaper it will work out per item for them. This often ends up with a higher value sale from the customer. It can also work well with offering free delivery over a certain amount spent, again, encouraging the customer to spend that little bit more.

    Run End of Season Discounts

    If you’ve still got merchandise left over from SS19 then run end of season offers to shift the remaining stock and encourage customers to purchase at a cheaper cost, ideal for next spring/summer! They can also take advantage of the new season offers at the same time and you could throw in free shipping to really encourage sales!

    Frequent Shopper Discounts

    This is a great incentive for people who shop regularly with you. You can offer discounts that last for a certain amount of time. If you email them to remind them their discount is about to expire then they will likely try their best to spend something to make sure they don’t miss out!


    Of course Christmas is just around the corner! The perfect opportunity to boost your sales and advertise your products to ensure you’re reaching your target market! You can use Google Ads or social advertising to increase revenue even further. Additionally keeping your website content up to date and focused towards Christmas will also help greatly.


    On top of all this regular newsletters with the latest news, discounts and sales are a great way to keep in touch with your customer database and reminds them to keep visiting your site and spending money!