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    Why Blogging is Important for Your Business

    Verve Team Holly Doyle-Wilday Marketing Manager Written By Holly - Digital Marketing Manager at Verve
    Lady sitting at desk with laptop in front Lady sitting at desk with laptop in front

    We love blogging here at Verve HQ and we know how important it is to grow your business, but do you? Below we have created a brief overview of why blogging can be a huge benefit to your company.


    Increases Your SEO

    Google loves new content and drafting blogs is a great way to make this happen! Fresh new words on your webpage are essential to beating the competition in the search engine game.


    Drives Traffic to Your Website

    Posting your new content online and across social media channels with encourage followers to visit your website with the possibility of visiting other pages. People will be further encouraged to follow you and visit the Blog if the content is of interest and relevant so be sure to keep up with industry insights.


    Gives Your Brand Better Reputation

    Writing is an art, and there is nothing worse than badly written Blogs littered with grammar and spelling errors. So if you are going to start Blog writing ensure that you know what you are doing and check, check and double check your content! Make sure you proof your writing over and over and get others to do so also. If you aren’t confident with writing and don’t have anyone to create content for your business then hire a professional.


    Engages Your Customers

    Blog writing is a great way to communicate updates and information about your business to your customers. It helps to build a positive relationship with them and will also increase the likelihood of them giving you a recommendation if you are keeping them up-to-date and posting regularly enough to be visible to them and therefore at the forefront of their minds.


    People Trust Blogs

    Creating and posting a Blog is a great way of getting people to see the ‘human face’ of your business. You can write about something serious or you can create a page of more light-hearted content that will encourage people to connect with you. People buy from people.


    Personal Research and Development

    Blogging is a great way to keep up-to-date with what is currently going on in the industry and helps to avoid you falling behind with your knowledge and growth as a business. It makes you and your far more appealing to customers.